Grammar Check Anywhere

Grammar Check Anywhere 2009.0

Revises grammar and spelling mistakes from written texts
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TG Enterprises, Inc.

Analyzes the texts that you're typing and points out mistakes made in the spelling of words or in the grammar of a phrase. Works both as a standalone as well as a plug-in for an application like MS Office, Skype, MSN, Internet Explorer, etc.

Grammar Check Anywhere is an application designed to correct our spelling and grammar mistakes when writing in English. This program can run on its own, or it can work as an add-on utility for a wide range of applications. For example, if we are typing a sentence/document/message and we want to check if we have made a mistake, we can press the F7 hotkey (or any other shortcut key that we may have previously set up) to run this program. Immediately, we will be able to view the user interface that opens in front of us and displays the text that we want to check, without the need for copying/pasting that text. We may proceed to correct the mistakes, ignore it, or look up the words in the thesaurus. After the correction is done, we can exit this application, and the corrected text will be transferred automatically to the application where it originally comes from. This program is very easy to use by everyone. I have come to the conclusion that this program is no good at correcting grammar/spelling mistakes, as most of the suggestions are wrong. The good thing is that we can try this program for free for a whole week.

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  • Unfortunately, I have come to the conclusion that this program is not good at correcting grammar/ spelling mistakes, as most of the suggestions are wrong
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